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Nordic Zen

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

:  Our clients came to us with a HDB home that they wanted to have decked out with Scandinavian design elements. They leaned towards minimalism and neutral colours, with a particular love for wooden materials.

We crafted a haven where everything has its purpose, and where materials, colours and textures work together in perfect harmony.

The living room features an inviting aesthetic with wooden laminated applied throughout the display shelves and cabinets.

Colour is pared back, and accent lights on the ceiling creates the illusion of a much higher ceiling.

The bathroom features boxed lighting on the ceiling to imitate daylight, with wooden trimmings around the mirror and basin for an added homage to the theme.

The calm and serene approach continues in the kitchen, with the same wooden laminate on the cabinets. We’ve maximised the space for storage. The Nordic influence takes shape in the bedroom with Scandi-inspired wooden doors.

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