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Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Our client wanted their new condominium home to reflect Scandinavian design with accents of bright blue, white, filled with lots of minimalist fixtures and open spaces.

Escapade Studios Singapore
We created custom display shelves at the entrance of the home that doubles up as a divider space into the living room and added accent lighting to create the sense of a higher ceiling.

We married Scandinavian design, which focuses on simple designs and great functionality with Japanese design philosophies, meanwhile, where there is an unbreakable bond with nature and the use of warm, earthy colours.

We made sure there was a lot of clever uses for the space, for example, we took down the divider wall between the master bedroom and the common room to install a large wardrobe

The bathroom features mixing unique tiles on the shower walls and accents of blue which the client loved. Space is always essential for the kitchen and we maximised it by adding cabinets on both sides, with additional workspace for practicality.

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